Teaming Up for Change


TEAM Work Cooperative Ltd. and the WorkBridge Association are two separate agencies, working together to deliver one service; to help people with any type of disability find and retain work.

TEAM Work Cooperative focuses on getting clients ready for employment with counselling, workshops, setting employment goals, and making program referrals, while the WorkBridge focuses on job search and developing relationships. Since joining forces in 2005, they now have more than 640 active clients and had been unofficially referred to as TEAMWorkBridge.


Marketing materials for both TEAM Work Cooperative and the WorkBridge were dated, and, to help build awareness and educate their broad audiences, a formal decision had been made to establish a new brand for TEAMWorkBridge.

While there remained a need to offer separation between TEAM Work Cooperative and the WorkBridge Association, it was important that the new brand would increase equity for both departments while still establishing a memorable and engaging brand under one roof.

From concept to full
branding and collateral in

3 Weeks

The Identity

A brandmark was created for TEAM WorkBridge that incorporates the existing corporate colours of purple (TEAM Work Cooperative) and green (The WorkBridge Association), as well as introduces a complimentary blue to help visually tie the two entities together.

The main brandmark is translated across all three entities to provide consistency and better communicate how integrated they really are. This piece was designed to resemble two key concepts: a bridge structure, symbolizing team effort, strength, unity, acceptance, and open arms – and a gear, signifying the notion of working through the program, making progress.

Violet encourages creative pursuits and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative endeavors. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd.

Green is the color of growth and renewal. It relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity.

The Message

TEAMWorkBridge spreads a very important, positive, and welcoming message to its diverse audiences of clients, employers, and funders. It was critical that their tagline accurately represent their values and their corporate mission. With proven success since their inception, they are a leader in recognizing and strengthening skills for the workforce. Together, we created the tagline, “Invested in Abilities”, as a way to communicate this dedicated commitment to their clients’ success.

Icon Mark Evolution

Final Combination Icon Mark

Color Palette


Body text


This branding exercise focused on cultivating a unique persona for TEAMWorkBridge as well as marketing materials to help unveil their brand and further support their initiatives. In addition to the three corporate logos, we also created brand guidelines, business cards, rack cards, and a corporate banner, helping to encourage others to learn more about their services.

Bits is a team of passionate, smart and fun designers and developers that go out of their way to make the whole experience an absolute pleasure from start to finish. - Janice Ainsworth, BA, BEd Executive Director

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